Friday, May 23, 2008

a Breath of Home-poems from the Heart of the family is available for pre-order starting today (really last night). We expect to start shipping it on 31 May. Here's a sample:

The Wooden Pew

When I feel,
That I don’t fit,
Into the world’s
Broad view,

There is a place,
Where I go sit,
Reflecting on
What’s true.

It isn’t soft.
It isn’t warm.
And in the dirt
It grew,

Just like the cross,
From trees of earth…
It is
theWooden pew.

This is a collection of poems about Catholicism, the family, the home, and motherhood from a Catholic mother of ten. With love and sometimes humor Long-Skirts helps us breathe the air of our home on earth (the way it should be) and the Home we should long for in Heaven.

As a pre-order special, we are offering Witnesses to the Holy Mass for $5.00 (regularly $8.95) when you pre-order a Breath of Home. Check it out.

Oremus pro invicem!

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