Friday, March 14, 2008

Running it again

(This post appeared briefly last week-but then I removed it.... It appeared yesterday at Catholic Exchange , and I have reposted it here.)

Every March the best Catholic blogs are recognized via Catholic Blog Awards. There are several categories of excellence. Blogs are nominated by readers at the end of February, and the voting takes place in early March-right now in fact. (You can see who’s been nominated and vote at Catholic Blog Awards .)

Personally, I am surprised that I wasn't nominated for a Catholic Blog Award. However, I will be realistic-let's see how many categories for which I should have been nominated.

A few I am clearly not qualified for: I'm not clergy. I am not a group. I've been at this for 3.5 years, so my blog is not new (although I keep the material fresh). My template is a standard one-so I guess my blog design doesn’t compete for the best.

Let's see, that leaves us with Best Apologetics Blog?-Okay, really iffy at best.

Inside News?-hardly. (unless you consider what's happening in our kitchen inside news.)

Political/Social Commentary? Well, this is starting to be a possibility; after all, I am running for president in '012. However, if I look at the past year, I must honestly say, my political commentary was not a dominant feature. Social commentary is more my thing. But I guess that only fits half the bill.

Funniest? I guess this depends on whether you are laughing with me or at me!

Spiritual?-only if you consider that my blog makes people pray that they don't become more like me.

Okay now we are getting down to the categories where I can really compete: Informative and Insightful: come on, who doesn't want to know how to set a railing in concrete in the dark incorrectly? And how about how to keep dogs out of your chicken pen (oh yeh, maybe it was how to let them in). And insightful...I can pick out as good a quote to post as the next guy, AND I am insightful enough (usually) to let the quote speak for itself without adding my two cents. (For if my 2 cents were worth it, people would be quoting me.)

Smartest? Well, what can I say? I tell my kids that I know practically everything. If that's true (and it must be, because I know practically everything) then my blog must be one of the smartest, as it is written by a guy who knows practically everything. (See how smart my circular logic is?-just proves my point.)

Now the last three categories I reeeeeeally qualify for. Best Catholic Blog by an Individual-I am Catholic. I am an Individual. Therefore I at least should have received a nomination. Obviously competition is steep on this one as there are many individual Catholics out there with blogs. There’s no real quality criterion for winning this one other than the vague notion of "Best". So, while I certainly should be in the running, I will concede to let the smaller "individuals" compete for this one. I have bigger fish to fry.

Best written? All I can say is that I enjoy reading my own blog more than anyone else's. Since I am a good judge of writing (after all, I work as an editor for a “large” publishing house) this really should sew it up.

Finally we come to the granddaddy of them all....Best Overall Catholic Blog. I guess the real criteria here is giving the complete package. Look, I let you know when blogging will be light. I give previews of what's ahead. I tell you what I'm reading. I tell you how many eggs we get on a daily basis (practically). I give you details of my Saturday chores. I post pictures just because I can. I plug my business. I let you all know every time I post something to one of my other neglected blogs. I even let you know the day I start working on my taxes. I occasionally quote Scripture and writings from saints. I occasionally write things that embarrass my wife. I whine about how there is no political party for me. AND I am running for president in '012. Do I need to go on?

I think the Catholic Blog Awards people need to add a new category to the nominations for next year so that ALL Catholic bloggers get a chance. Here it is: The Best Catholic Blog written by a transplanted Northerner living in the South, with seven kids, a wife, two dogs, 28 chickens (when the dogs aren't attacking the chickens), 3 pigs, 2 cats, and 3 dead cars in the driveway, who likes to read, write and get nominated for a Catholic Blog Award.

Go Vote!

Oremus pro invicem!

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