Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Doings ...

I was working at a remote location yesterday and thus didn't check in much-it has become a Tuesday routine these past few weeks. I am working diligently on a seminar-one of those things I absolutely hate to attend myself-but which pays well when you are the one preparing and teaching them. And to be honest-mine isn't about "Team building" or "Leadership" or general "Motivation"-several of which I was forced to attend, and none of which I got much out of. I am teaching something about navigating and using patents in the corporate (or a particular corporate) environment: part lecture part practical tools. I am hoping it will be of practical use to the students.

Between the deadline on the seminar and book deadlines (not to mention book orders) I find myself pretty busy these days.

And then I remember that we are hosting a square dance (at which I am the eager, but uninspired caller) this weekend. I am behind in getting ready to call some of the more unfamiliar dances. And, my son (on guitar) and myself (on harmonica) need to record Red River Valley for one of the dances. We are hoping we can record it to the computer so we can make sound better than it is-and put it on CD. (I'm not sure if we need special software for this or if the standard stuff which comes with the computer will work). Our efforts to tape it on cassette were not too encouraging. Now we are scrounging for the microphone we know is around, but not in the usual places...

I still have planting to do (we covered our peach tree two nights ago as it got down to 30 F! Didn't want to lose another season of peaches as we did last year.) I planted one row each of beets, turnips, and radishes and several rows of spinach and carrots on Good Friday. But I have much ground to till yet and more planting. I am putting potatoes in the old pig pen as I hear they like fresh muck.

I did no office work starting on Holy Thursday and didn't get back to work til yesterday. The world didn't take a break for the Triduum however.

I am certainly not complaining-lots of work is infinitely better than none. But all this going on could limit the pearls I endow everyone with several times a day.

Blessed be God! He is risen! ... Oremus pro invicem!

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