Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We picked up Mrs. Curley at the airport yesterday in Charlotte. She was at the airport early and was able to catch an earlier flight-which was good because her first flight was to arrive at 5:00 PM, and I wasn't sure I wanted to fight the rush hour traffic in Charlotte (But I would have.)

My father used to travel a good bit when I was a kid. (He worked for the Navy Department as a civilian scientist.) Dad would often change flights-he was always in a hurry to get home. The day he was due home always had an air of excitement because he could show up at any time of the day.

On the way home last night I decided we should stop at Gus' Pizza in Kershaw (a small town about 17 miles from Bethune.) We've passed Gus' many times but this was our first visit. Like the Camden House of Pizza I have mentioned before, this was a Greek Pizza. Gus has a more extensive menu-even serving hamburgers. The pizza was good. I had a Philly Steak and Cheese-it was good, but there was a hot seasoning on steak.

When paying the bill I noticed an icon of the Blessed Virgin and a picture of Christ on the wall. Greek Orthodox. Turns out he is a member of both the Greek Orthodox churches in Charlotte and Columbia. Quite a hike either way.

Garden Report: We have some carrots! (I think.) Mrs. Curley will take a look today to confirm. I thinned the turnips yesterday. I will be picking the first crop of radishes today and planting yet another crop of radishes. I need to do some weeding-but overall, the garden is looking pretty good-our best fall garden ever to this point.

Reminder that if you want to comment on anything here, you can email me via the link just above the "About Me" box on the sidebar to the right (as you face the computer screen). Did I have to write this last bit? Probably not, but I felt the urge to add unnecessary directions.

Yesterday's post on The Ways of God is quite likely my longest post to date. I don't think all the posts in this series will be so long but we'll see. Expect another one towards the end of the week to early in the following week.

Our Lady of Joyful Hope-pray for us! ... Oremus pro invicem!

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