Thursday, May 03, 2007

Passion Play 2007 ...

This year's installment which took place on Holy Saturday. We had some new players this year, many of whom came with great costumes. As every year, this is a kids only production. It is a walking play, that is, the audience follows the action around our 2 acres.

(Dont forgot "our" Novena. I will put it back on top later. And don't forget the special on "Witnesses to the Holy Mass". Feast of the 40 martyrs of England and Wales is tomorrow.)

Now, without further ado, Passion Play at Bethany 2007:

Behold the Man!

The scourging.

Carrying the cross....

On the cross!


TS said...

Good pics Jim. My only complaint is that Pilate should not be smiling! :)

JCurley said...

TS-This young man ALWAYS has a smile on his face. I am not sure he knows anything else. As you say, Pilate, I am sure, was not smiling-but the lines were done well none-the-less. Every year is a bit different.