Thursday, April 19, 2007

Why - Part II ...

... won't be appearing today or anytime soon. I think I was just going to vent some frustration when I should be bringing it to our Lord in prayer.

Praised be God for the victory banning partial birth abortion at the Supreme Court yesterday. I have not read the majority opinion, but heartening was the quote from it recognizing the interest the state has to legislate moral issues and linking partial birth abortion with infanticide. I worry if the opinion uses language which solidifies Roe v. Wade (some of the radio pieces seemed to indicate that the opinion used such language as "a woman's the constitutional right to abortion" etc.)

In a related matter, This is disturbing, but I think Mr. Culbreath's comment (in his comment box) is right on the mark: "It seems that the divide is too great: there is no longer any possibility of conversation. And I think they like it that way."

By the way, we have talked about the book, "Restoration of Christian Culture" by John Senior several times in the past. Requiem Press would very much like to put this book back in print. John Senior (may his soul rest in peace) died several years ago. At this point, even with the help of his previous publisher, we have been unable to track down his family, i.e. the copyright holders on his writings. We have been looking for well over a year now. Until we do, we can't reprint this classic which I believe is an important guide to the troubled times here and ahead of us. We do suspect that some of the family resides in Australia or has connections there. I know this is the longest of longshots, but spread the word-maybe someone in Dr. Senior's family reads a blog somewhere which can be directed back to this plea. Thanks for your help!

Oremus pro invicem!


Jeff Culbreath said...

Jim, have you tried contacting the faculty at St. Mary's College in St. Mary's Kansas? Or perhaps one of the priests at the SSPX parish in the town? I would really like for you to succeed in this project.

JCurley said...

Jeff-That is a good idea. I will try to make contact there. I keep getting dead ends everywhere. Thanks.