Monday, April 16, 2007

The small holding in Bethune

When I first was alerted to Google Earth a year or so ago, I tried to zero-in on our place, but the details were very sketchy-so sketchy as to be not recognizable. Looks like they've updated their satellite pictures. This picture must have been taken over a year ago because there are: 1. no dead cars in the yard, and 2. If you zoom out a bit, which you can't do in the photo below, you can see a mobile home in the middle of the field: this was removed about 1-1.5 years ago.

The red-roofed barn is in the neighbors cornfield. Our place is the grey-roofed house. Our 2 acres are basically bounded by the main road and the dirt roads. And of course you see the long driveway (good thing we don't have snow here.) You can see a concrete pad in the backyard where there used to be a garage-before our time. I hope to erect a pavillion with ceiling fans (to keep the gnats and heat away) over it some day. The two small black retangles off the driveway are our two vans (one now deceased.) Our bigger garden is just to the right of the vans. It is a bit bigger now, and there is another one (not visible) is in the backyard on the opposite side. The row of trees on the top (northeast) bordering the property are cedar trees. There is another row on the bottom in the front. The muscadean vines are the green things behind the old garage pad. On the South side of our property is a pine tree farm owned by a local veneer company. The land across the street is owned by a neighbor up the road. And the fields to the North and West of the property are owned by our next door neighbor who brings us good food during the growing season.

So there it is folks. Modest, but just the right size for us.


Jeff Culbreath said...

Looks perfect to me, Jim. What a blessing!

TS said...

A schweet holding indeed...I second Jeff's remark.

I somehow expected the red earth of Georgia, even though you're in neighboring SC.

JCurley said...

Jeff, it is a blessing. TS, some 20-30 miles north of here it is all red clay. But we live in the 'sandhills' area of the state. The soil here is very sandy indeed.

TS said...

I thought you had to be close to that red clay.

Btw, driving thru the state, I've seen yards swept clean as a whistle! No grass, no weeds, just dirt swept with a broom!