Tuesday, March 20, 2007


A couple weeks ago number 2 daughter was diagnosed with the chicken pox. It seemed unlikely: no one we had been in contact with that we knew of had them, they didn't look exactly like the chickenpox, and it came and went so quickly-too painless.

Well I guess she had them, cause number 4 son has a full-blown case of them.

Number 3 daughter hasn't come down with them yet, but she and number 3 son are the only other ones who haven't had them before.

When I was a kid, myself and 10 brothers and sisters had them all over Christmas. My oldest sister had already had them. That Christmas was a bit different with all of us sick. One sister had to be carried around as she had them on her feet. One sister had to wear sunglasses in the house as she had the pox all around her eyes and light hurt them.

I was the last to contract the pox and had a mild case.

I guess at least some of us are quarantened for a while.

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