Monday, March 26, 2007

7 year-old boy birthdays

I love them. They are so easy to buy for. Cowboy hat, guns, swords, and little plastic army men....or maybe not. Besides the fact that anyone reading this must think I am raising little Rambo; little green plastic army men are not so easy to find. I went to Wal-Mart (mea culpa), Dollar General, K-Mart, Big Lots, Fred's, and a host of others and came up empty. My sons have hundreds of these little green army men and each birthday is a chance ot build up their forces to exceed the others. Of course I could have found them online I am sure, but I usually don't plan birthday presents that far ahead-especially something I usually can find locally. (Is the war so unpopular-even in SC-that they are pulling little green army men?)

Well it was going to be a birthday without little green plastic army men. After morning Mass, I stopped by the pharmacy for tape and film. As I was checking out, I thought I'd just look down the toy aisle to see....And Yes! They had 4 bags of 50-count little green army men. Of course I snatched up all four (my apologies to other dads of 7 year-old boys). My son only got 2 bags for his birthday. But the other two will not go to waste.

Also had the boys watch "The Sons of Katie Elder" this weekend. Good movie to show them they need to appreciate and take care of their mother and each other. Hope they got the message.

Today, the Bishop gave us the day off from school. It is the feast of the Annunciation. However I think I will be trying to finish my taxes. It looks overcast, so at least I won't feel guilty being inside all day.

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TS said...

I love those little green plastic army men! I have some in my desk at work. Sometimes I fish them out and point them at my boss (just a joke! I have a fine boss). I do have them in my desk though. Lots of good memories.