Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Santa Maria de Guadalupe!

I have carried an image of our Lady of Guadalupe in my wallet for many years. I don't recall now where I got it or why this is image I carry. Two friends just returned in November from visiting Mexico and of course the tilma. I admit I am a bit jealous. I have wanted to see the tilma for many years. That day of pilgrimage will come. I can't complain too much-I have seen the Shroud of Turin (read about it here)


My sister (Agnes Penny) has an article in the November issue of the New Oxford Review on some of the ethical issues surround vaccines. Check it out.

I had never really read an issue of the NOR before-although I have been curious for years. I can't say I would go out of my way to get another issue. I certainly appreciate bold criticism, humor, and sarcasm-but only when based in truth-not in speculation. I found NOR in this particular issue to cross some lines in this regard. Maybe reading another issue would change my opinion but....


My diocesan newspaper had a gift-giving guide (for purchasing Catholic gifts) in their latest issue. For books, they mentioned all the Catholic bookstores in the diocese-but failed to mention the one Catholic publisher in the diocese. I won't be so shy. Our selection is small, but the material is second to none. Our shipping costs are lower than most other publishers. And by buying Requiem Press books, you will be supporting a small Catholic business and a not-so-small family. I will put out my "gift guide" tomorrow.

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