Monday, November 20, 2006

Request for prayers

A dear friend of our family needs our prayers. He was a healthy and robust 69 years old some 4-5 months ago. He got a tooth infection a few months ago and nothing has been the same since; his health has gone way downhill. He was checked into the hospital today. In the past few weeks they have not been able to determine what is wrong-but he is in really tough shape. Please pray for his doctors-that they find his problem and for his return to health-according to God's will.

Oremus pro invicem!


Long-Skirts said...

Certainly, my family and I will pray for him tonight. And here is a beautiful spiritual bouquet for all of us to meditate on:


Prayer of Desire

O Christ, I would like to belong to You by letting You take,
drop by drop, the flow of my intentions,
so that You might turn them into holy activities.

I would like to belong to You knowing You are free to make me contemplate
the things You know will draw me to crucifixion.

I would like You to exhaust me in my substance
even to the point of forbidding me to will by caprice,
because I will at all times be disposed to want what You want in Your wisdom.

Take, but keep me from taking back.
I would like....
Ah! I would like You to keep me from saying "I want"
for having so often told You "I love You."

Rev. Fr. Bernard-Marie de Chivre, O.P.

JCurley said...

Dear Long-Skirts- Thanks for your family's prayers for my friend.