Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Random Thoughts

We have hot water again...but not without our tribulations and plumbing woes. Let's just say that when you buy a water heater from one of the those home improvement superstores, don't be too surprised if they recommend the wrong pieces to hook it up with. In the end, we have hot water-Praise God!


The lady bugs made started their first incursion yesterday. I don't know why, but they always seek out my office to invade first.


From this morning's liturgy of the hours:

To you all flesh will come
with its burden of sin.
Too heavy for us,
our offenses,
but you wipe them away.
--Psalm 65

How true-but so often we try to carry them ourselves. The lessons from thousands of years ago are continually be re-learned.


Look in the comment box of my last post. It contains one of my absolute favorite poems by Long-Skirts.

Check out this article on CatholicExchange this morning. You can find out what it means to be "nice".

Have been missing alot of discussions on music in the liturgy and the imminent(?) universal indult.

I did note TS O'Rama's mention of the film Flags of our Fathers. It turns out that I won a gift certificate to our school bookfair and decided on this book after reading the referenced post. Good thing I did cause there wasn't a whole lot to choose from.

Speaking of books, I recently read Frank McCourt's (author of Angela's Ashes-which I never read-although it was recommended to me.) Teacher Man. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. It does hold your interest and isn't too long, but it also doesn't seem to have a real direction. Mr. McCourt has some problems with the Church-which I gather I would get more detail about if I read his previous books. Yet the Church seems to still be reflected in his thought and lighten his path whether he realizes it or not.

Back to work. Hope to have some good things to say soon. Until then...Oremus pro invicem!

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