Thursday, October 19, 2006

Irish Shiites?

I just read somewhere that the name "Bethune Catholic" is akin to saying "Irish Shiite". I never thought of it that way-but it is true. We don't have many Catholics out here. Since moving to Bethune, I have only met two Catholics in town. One came from New York and lives in Hartsville (are large town about 30 miles away) and works locally. The other lives in Camden (a small town-but not as small as Bethune, about 25 miles away) and was in town for a political rally.


I am getting tired of having to spend the first 5-10 minutes every time I open my email sorting through spam. I guess every one else is too.


Is it my imagination, or are the 'News' reporters on NPR salivating about the possible turnover of the control of Congress to the Democrats in the next election? I don't recall so much coverage years ago when the Republicans wrested control of the House and Senate from the Democrats, (after many more years of Democratic control, I might add.)


You may have read (see here for example) about the chapel roof/ceiling coming down in Marytown. As you may be aware, Brother Charles Madden OFM Conv. (author of Requiem Press' Giving Up Stealing for Lent! and The Mini-Catechism) is from Marytown. They could use your prayers (and I am sure, your financial support.)


TS said...

How close is your parish church? Must be a long way if there's hardly any Catholics there.

JCurley said...

Our parish is 35 miles away. But it is all country roads that are 55 mi/hr, so it is not so bad. I know people who travel that long in suburbia to get to a parish they "like". We have about 4-5 parishs which are each 30-40 miles away in each direction.

Not ideal. I would rather be in a Catholic community. But we do spend a lot of time at the parish.

And who knows, if Requiem Press ever really hits it big, we may have hire some more employees and stock this area with Catholics.

TS said...

That's not too bad. I drive 22 minutes to get to the Byzantine Catholic parish, and about 14 minutes to my RC parish. Someday I'd like to live next to a church. How sweet would that be!

Lee Ann said...

One of the greatest places I've lived was a two minute walk away from a Church. That was heavenly! And the Church was almost always open.