Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Songs and school

I have to link this article by Mark Shea on Catholic Exchange this morning. Somehow my senior class in high school selected "Imagine" for the class song. I recall being upset & of course refused to sing it on graduation day. (Of course most of the rest of the class refused to sing the school song.) Here's a piece (from the article, not the song):
You can see imbeciles swaying to this tune, eyes closed in beatific bliss, at everything from school assemblies to soccer matches to September 11 commemorations. How does it honor the dead to "Imagine there's no heaven"? How does it honor the firefighters who sacrificed their lives to mewl about "Nothing to...die for"?


As mentioned before, (and speaking of high schools), I am doing a little teaching this fall at our "local" Catholic high school. Doesn't leave me much time for other things, but it is interesting. We had school lockdown-random drug search last week. They herded everyone to the gym and brought in dogs and searched the school. The principal had heard rumors-so decided to check it out. A couple things were found and action taken. Today we have our monthly Mass during 7th period. After teachng here a month, I must say I give a lot of credit to full-time teachers. One thing you have to be (which I am not great at-even with 7 kids) is FLEXIBLE. You never know when they are going to cancel your class for a lock-down, assembly, etc.


Finally, to leave you with some summer fun...

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Nicole said...

Thanks for the info about the song. I never paid attention to the lyrics before, although it's hard to escape the tune. Also, that's a great picture--your seven children are lovely! What are their names?