Monday, August 14, 2006

Jury Duty

Update: 2nd Case was a simple speeding case from 2002! (State trooper clocked him on radar at 84mph in a 70mph zone.) Apparently, one way to put off paying a fine for a year or more is to request a jury trial. The defendant didn't show up for this one either. Trial started at 2:30. We had reached a verdict and departed the courtroom by 2:40. Seems a waste of our tax money. The Judge apologized for the boring nature of the cases-but thanked us for coming in.

Case this morning was a Public Disorderly Conduct. Defendent didn't show up-but case went on anyway. Only witness to testify was the arresting officer. Defendent found guilty-but not without some discussion.

I have my second case in an hour. Will update this post when I get back.


TS said...

Doesn't he get zapped with a much higher fine by requesting a jury trial? Seems like everyone would do that if the only punishment is a delay in having to pay!

JCurley said...

I think that would be a way to curb these frivolous requests for jury trial.

I did serve on a traffic court jury once where the defendant honestly didn't believe he was guilty (he hired a lawyer and showed up.) However, he was conviceted himself in his own testimony. (He should have gone back to the intersection to take a look-I was familiar with it and from his description, it was obvious that he ran a red light as charged(Left turn red light). But he honestly didn't think he did.

But I guess that is beside the point.