Friday, August 11, 2006

Jury Duty

Well I pulled 2 cases for Monday. One is a speeding case and the other I'm not sure-although it is not a DUI. There were several DUI's, but I missed them all because they were being heard on the the days I got excused from (the first 2 days of school).

There were 2 wandering preachers in the pool. Both were excused from every DUI case by the defense. I understand that the prosecutor and defense attorneys have a certain number of jurors they can eliminate 'without cause', but it seems from my experience serving on juries (albeit limited) that certain people will never be sat on a jury for certain things. I wonder if this is fair?

Got things to do, but I'll be back later. I finally read this morning while waiting in jury pool John Paul II's entire letter on the rosary. I had read pieces here and there, but never the entire thing. Need to comment on it later today.


Iosue Andreas said...

Mr. Curley, may God blkess you as you carry out this civic duty.

it seems that jury duty is a common experience in your neck of the woods. Is it because your town has a small population? I was called up but once, and dismissed because I was a college student at the time.

JCurley said...

Jury duty pools come from voter registrations. Our county is poor with little industry and low education expectations in a lot ways. All of this translates into low voter registration numbers-thus those of us registered get called more often.

(They did seat a college student today-but then again their year doesn't start for a couple more weeks.)

The defense (for the DUI cases) seemed to shy away from stay at home Moms and women teachers. Couldn't figure that one out.