Monday, August 21, 2006

Chicken Strut (again)

Months ago when I posted about The Chicken Strut I promised pictures when they came in. Well, only 4 months later, here they are! As readers may recall, the Chicken Strut is the annual festival in Bethune. There is a carnival, parade, etc. Vendors line the two main streets in town. We took a booth ourselves to try to sell some crafts....

First, here's a couple pictures of the 'products':

Daughter made vine wreaths culled from the nearby forest and from dried flowers she had been saving. The picture shows a selection. She also made some "straight wreaths" of straw and flowers.

Here are the walking sticks that I and my oldest son worked on. Also you can see some toy wooden guns, one rifle, and some oven rack 'push-pulls' in the foreground.

We had a few other nick-nack crafts, but these were the main attractions...Now, onto the Chicken Strut...

Over on the far left (cut out from the picture) is 2nd son with his "oragami lessons" table. He got more business than the rest of us. You can see some of the other kids and Mrs. Curley hovering in the background. We had a good time even though, not a single wreath sold. Not a single wooden gun sold. Our only sale was one walking stick which had some beautiful figure on its head. A father bought this for his young son (8 or so), who thought it looked like a wizard's staff.

Some of the wreaths now adorn our home, some wait for a home in the garage. The walking sticks and toy guns sit in a corner of my office waiting also. We'll eventually find a home for them all.

From Bethany, the small holding in Bethune...Oremus pro invicem!

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