Thursday, July 20, 2006

Random Thoughts

Writing blues

I haven't really been able to write much substantial these past months. I used to do most of my writing (in my head) while driving the 30 miles to and from Mass almost every day. Then when everything was clear-I would put it on paper. Of recent months, this daily trip hasn't been possible for various reasons. I miss the daily Eucharist tremendously; a side effect is a definite lack of writing production.

Of Heat

Yesterday it was 100 degrees (F) in my office by late afternoon until some thunder showers (yes we moved the pups in time) cooled things off. A couple factors contributed to the heat. First, someone turned the window unit off the night before. My office really needs the head start against the heat every day, that is having the office very cool over night. Yesterday when I got to the office in the morning (pre-dawn hours) it was already 80 degrees. Yesterday also (as has been the last week or two) been heavy printing days. (We print a few of our own booklets in house.) This makes the heat rise quickly also. No complaints here. I knew it was hot, but never would have guessed the magnitude. Besides the 'natural' heat here in the office due to the Southern exposure is a real boon in the winter.)


Mrs. Curley and kids went blueberry picking early this week and came back with almost 30 pounds. The idea was to save most for fall and winter-but alas many pounds were consumed that first day back. Of course there were natural but unexpected (by the kids) consequences from all this blueberry consumption. Throughout the day we got calls from the 'lavatory' from the little ones, "Mom, Dad, you gotta see this!" One little one commented, (see if you can figure this one out) "It looks like blueberry number 2!"


Not mine. Our pastor is on his annual trip home to Ireland. We miss him tremendously (one of several reasons that daily Mass is not possible at the moment.) This year we have a priest from Zambia filling in for Father O'Holohan on the weekends. Fr. Willdebronde Mwape is presently chaplain at Providence Hospital in Columbia, but hails from Zambia and was taught by Irish Jesuit missionairies. Of course Fr. O'Holohan spent some 20 years at one of the Irish Jesuit missions in Zambia (albeit a different one than Fr. Mwape). Was glad to see that Fr. Mwape said the prayer to St. Michael after Mass as is our usual custom with Fr. O'Holohan.

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