Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Liturgical Music

Instead of posting here this morning I have been over in the comment boxes at the Wandering Moon discussing music (in Church that is). Join the discussion about how Take and Eat, One Bread, One Body, and I am the Bread of Life compare to say Tantum Ergo, O Salutoris Hostia, and even O Lord I am not Worthy. Does the music matter in church? Does the beat matter? Do the lyrics matter?

While we are talking mostly contemporary vs. traditional type hymns, there are some diversions. For example: is Amazing Grace as appropriate as Faith of our Fathers or Holy God We Praise Thy Name or Praise My Soul the King of Heaven?

Is it all a matter of taste? Or what we relate to?

Note we aren't discussing Gather Us In or that ilk. Go over there and discuss. Here is the original post.

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Steve said...

I prefer C. But I prefer C with the modifications that Heather and others have suggested. Perhaps a 'D'.