Tuesday, July 25, 2006

God is good!

I had told Mrs. Curley that the 2nd half of July would be a little tight. Yesterday when I picked up the mail, I was pleasantly surprised that a couple invoices had been paid early (this never happens). Mrs. Curley and I started discussing how to spend this early arrival. An hour or so later I was called to come see the "big leak" under the house.

Turns out the septic tank is full and wants to start backing up-but a leaking floor flange is relieving the pressure. We had the tank pumped about a month after we moved in-putting it about 22 months ago. The drain field is supposed to be less than 4 years old. When we pumped the tank, the septic tank guy said that, based on the size of the tank and number of occupants, he guessed we should pump again in 2-3 years. In fact I had been looking for his number earlier in the week as 2 years was coming up.

As we wait this morning for the septic tank guy to answer his phone, we all have a new appreciation for the term "chamber pot".

But really, I just marvel once again how God takes care of us: in this case how God knew we would need those invoices paid a bit early to deal with this 'crisis'-and thus somehow prompted them to get paid.

(Blogging may be light today as I deal with the septic and another related plumbing issue which arose in conjunction with it-while I still get my regular stuff done. But we'll see.)

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