Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday at 4:00

It's 4:00 on a Friday afternoon. I am weary (but happy). I have much to do on a couple books which I'd really like to have released before September. The world (at least in the Middle East) seems to be blowing up.

[I don't know how serious the implications will be, but I know it could be serious. The scenario: Israel incurs against Syria; Iran retaliates; US gets involved; Islamic terrorists the world over have a recruiting field day; etc. US involvement will be welcomed by some in this country. This week's issue of The Wanderer discusses, in, of all places, a piece about Rick Santorum's chances for reelection, the desire of Dispensationalists, (who seem to have Bush's ear) to "bring on Armagedon soon enough so that Christ will come during their lifetimes, and thus allow them to rule for a thousand years with Him on earth." This is a scary prospect. I am not a chicken little (for example: for Y2K I bought one extra gallon of water and an extra can of beans), so in all liklihood things will calm in a few days-but someday it won't calm and we will have all out war between Islam and the West. The question is weather the West will be a Christian West we can die for with honor and pride, or whether we will fight with the secular West just as a matter of self-defence. It will come-but I don't think the opposition will be strong enough for some years for all-out war.]

How's that for an aside. I meant to write about fighting and running (from the devil) and baton twirling (you can't wait for that one-believe me). But am too weary. Maybe before Monday.

From Bethany, the small holding in Bethune...Oremus pro invicem!

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