Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dog Days

The last 3 days have probably been the hottest of the year so far. Today we have a respite-only 72 (F) and light rain.

In keeping with the quote from my earlier post, I am working today on our new book about Thomas More (among other things). I am hoping it will be ready before Thanksgiving. It is more of a sketch than a full-fledged biography. It pulls most of its information from some of the early biographies of More; that is those by William Roper (his son-in-law), Crescre More (grandson), and Stapleton. Of course there have been some recent wonderful and in-depth bios of Thomas More (one by James Monti and another by Gerard Wegemer-see Amazon sidebar) which pull details of his spiritual life from his writings. Our book won't do much of that. We will add a few new footnotes to clarify or bring up-to-date some things (the original was written around the turn of the century) and possibly to add a little color. Maybe I will try to find a contemporary Thomas More expert to write a new introduction??? That would be nice.

Hopefully this book will fill a niche as very readable but brief (probably around 100 pages) introduction to Thomas More. I am excited about it...

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chrysostom said...

May prayers are with you and your new book. You have an excellent topic in mind!