Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thomas More & John Fisher

Went to Mass this morning to celebrate the martyrdom of Sts. Thomas More and John Fisher. For some reason, Thomas More has always been a special patron for me. I can never seem to read enough biographies of him [Roper, Monti, Reynolds, Wegemer, Camm, Kenny, Belloc (just a sketch), More... I may be missing one]. His writing is also inspirational. I particularly recommend "The Sadness of Christ" (Scepter), but there are others also.

I guess because Thomas More really is a model for the Catholic layman, husband and father of today (see my post from a few days ago) irregardless of his martyrdom that makes his patronage so strong for me. He also was very natural in his way. He prayed hard and sacrificed (removing his hair shirt only in the few days before he was beheaded), but at the same time he brought joy to all those around him-even jesting with the executioner. There was nothing fake about him. He was strong in faith and prayer-but feared his own weakness. I guess this shows his wisdom.

So much could be written. I'll save it for the 'publisher's preface' to the sketch of Thomas More RequiemPress will be publishing later this year.

Last year we had an 'English' day on Thomas More's day. We each, or in groups prepared a skit or song with English heritage. (Of course we ourselves are mostly Irish-but we are spiritual brethren with our Catholic forebears in England.) Just as an example, my oldest daughter and I 'dramatized' the letters Thomas More and daughter Margaret Roper wrote each other when Thomas More was in the Tower awaiting execution. It was a fun day.

But this year, the Feast of the Sacred Heart is tomorrow-and no matter how much I love Thomas More, the feast of the Sacred Heart takes precedence, so the major celebration will be tomorrow. We will re-enthrone and re-consecrate the Sacred Heart in our home. Then we will have a show and celebration of sorts. (Of course we will start the day with Mass-special thanks to angel providing the means to get there tomorrow.)


TS said...

Nice write up on St. Thomas More. My interest in More spiked back in the late 90s when I found out that his feast day and my birthday coincide! Plus I'm named "Thomas". So it's about as close as I've ever felt to a saint "choosing me" instead of the other way around.

JCurley said...

My sister's first son was born on 22 June-but named him Harry. I gave her a hard time about it. Now she just had her 3rd son in May and named him Thomas More.