Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Short Update on things

Just to get caught up... our efforts as nursing the baby rabbits failed. The 'book' says I should give Mama rabbit 3 chances before deciding she doesn't make a good mother. We have another litter due (from Mama #2) in a week or two.

Some weeks (or was it months?) I was lamenting another broken appliance. Well-we finally got it fixed. (They don't make this easy, as they want you to call in the 'official' repairman who no one can really afford. But I took an educated guess at the part, borrowed a multi-meter to test it, and then once we had the cash available, ordered the part. Fortunately for my reputation, it all worked-but not before some desparate prayers to our Lady as I walked from the dishwasher to the breaker board to turn on the electricity and see if the fix took.) We (and I use that term loosely as it has been mostly Mrs. Curley) have been washing dishes by hand for several months. Once fixed I heard Mrs. Curley wondering aloud if we should continue washing by hand-I think she was jesting.

Of course we all understand that the joy of a fixed appliance is simply a brief truce in the battle-a fixed appliance truly means we now have the time to worry about how to fix another broken one. I await with bated breathe...

Finally, several weeks ago I mentioned a request for prayers and something about an interview, etc. In August I will begin a little teaching on the side-teaching some Math classes down the road at the Catholic High School in Columbia. RequiemPress should benefit from this arrangement. Yes, for a year or so, my time will be split, but now the Curley clan won't have to eat all the 'profits'-we can put some money back into RequiemPress and grow the business. (Besides, my time has been split already between newspaper routes and the occasional patent consult job, this just makes the time-splitting more scheduled.)

Thanks to the support of readers here and so many others, this little endeavor is succeeding. We are grateful to God that He has blessed us so abundantly with friends these last two years.

Looking forward, I am really excited at the next slate of books we have coming out-more on one of these in a post later this week. Our first children's book should come out this fall on Our Lady of Victory (an original title); a revision of the old 'Penny Catechism'; as mentioned yesterday, we plan to publish a biography/sketch of Thomas More-one which hasn't ever (to my knowledge) been published in the US and was originally and last in print sometime in the early 1900's; a book of very Catholic poetry; and the memoirs of a Catholic theologian. These are all slated for 2006-boy I better get back to work....

From Bethany, the small holding in Bethune...Oremus pro invicem!

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