Monday, June 05, 2006

Reprieve Update

I mentioned below something about a reprieve and joy. Now it can be told. Our beloved pastor is not moving on to new territory quite yet. He is staying at St. Catherine's for at least a time-who knows how long. We are grateful for this continued blessing.

I went to the Mass in Spanish Sunday night (exactly why the Latin Mass is needed-so our parish is not so segregated) as I stayed home with a couple of our sick youngn's on Sunday morning. While I am not a big fan of applause in Church (it was just before the final blessing), the applause from the Hispanic population on learning Fr. O'Holohan was staying, was spontaneous and heartfelt-and I joined them.

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Steven said...

Dear Sir,

I'm so glad you posted this because I had heard this weekend that he had already departed to a parish off the SC coast, but I hadn't noted any mention of it here.

You've got a real keeper there. I only wish Bishop Wenski had been here before our precious pastor had been sent away. After Father O'Holohan had gone, I had to start attending another Church because I could not deal charitably with the influences that caused him to leave. On the other hand, even that had its upside--I discovered a vibrant, loving, lively, thriving nearby parish that I had dismissed in the before times because of some questionable goings-on (Liturgical dance, in particular). But with the new Pastor has taken on a much, much, MUCH more traditional tone--though still very far from traditional.

Any way, thank you for the update, and my regards to the good father whenever you can spare time to convey them.