Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Loyal Dissent?

No, of course you know that I am NOT plugging Charles Curran's newly released memoirs-but I am going to talk about it... The reviews on about this book say that Curran spends some time outlining his views on moral theology and especially defending his heterodox view on artificial contraception.

While we didn't know Curran's book was coming out, Requiem Press is publishing this summer a sort of anti-dissent, or dualing memoir from another moral theologian-Dr. William E. May. He crossed paths with Charles Curran at Catholic University in the 70's and 80's-sometimes teaching in the same department.

Dr. May also spends some pages on Humanae Vitae-defending it. Both Curran and May understand that the release of Humanae Vitae and the moral issues involved with contraception have wide repercussions for the Church and society, even today-greater than the birth control issue alone.

As Dr. May's book comes closer to release I will be posting more about it. These two moral theologians have spent the greater part of their teaching careers on opposing sides of the great issue of our time. Thus Dr. May's memoirs gain importance as a counterpoint to the Curran book-hopefully we can get it the publicity and readership it deserves.

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