Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A little excitement

Violent thunderstorms went through here yesterday afternoon. We got hit-but not as bad as first thought. We heard the hit and the lights went out-everyone was in the living room. Then we noticed that some rooms still had electricity. Our living room and dining room were out as was the girls room, the washing machine and the all the lights upstairs. Everything else seemed to work.

We thought the hit has fried the appliances which were down. (A real shame when it came to the ceiling fans as they are really, really good ones; and the washing machine predates our marriage.)

However, such devastation was not to be. After the storm calmed down a bit, I went and flipped all the breakers. Lo and behold almost everything came back-everything except our phone system. Here's what (I think) happened.

The lightning hit was on the phone line. Because we have a cordless phone and answering machine hooked up to the phones also, the surge fried those appliances -transferring over somewhat to the house electrical, but not enough to do anything but flip the breakers. The transformer cover at the outlet for the cordless phone had its cover blown off and there was a scorch mark there.

So all in all, we are very lucky (blessed, more like it)-and we aren't even out of phone service as the business phone on a different line didn't get hit. God is good.

Update: Looks like we are only out one phone downstairs, the other (after replacing the cord) works.

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