Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Not only have I been neglecting the comment boxes- an aside, speaking of which, check out this poem which appeared via Mr. Culbreath in the comment box a week or so ago:

To be a gentleman
is a goal I have
yet to obtain;
To be a farmer
is to sow golden
fields of grain.

While the former is
not out of reach
The farmer in me
has gone to the beach.

Back to the point, I have also been reading alot of blogs recently which do not appear on my blogroll. I have been too lazy to put them up. So I will list a few here and hope I get them up before too long.

Musings from a Catholic Bookstore

Right Reason

Light on Dark Water

Crunchy Con


The last of which (Long-Skirts) is from an author and poet. Requiem Press is pleased to be publishing a collection of her very Catholic poetry sometime this fall. More on this later.

By the way, just noticed that this is my 500th post on this blog-for whatever that is worth....


Jeff said...

I almost forgot about the poem. I had to choose between rhyming and making sense, so I chose rhyming.

You're reading Crunchy Cons? Maybe you can pick up where I left off over here, as I'm pretty much done:

I need to speak with you about your method of skinning chickens, as I'm going to butcher two more here shortly ...

JCurley said...

Jeff: Actually I only look at the Crunchy Con blog sporadically and haven't read any comments recently-and won't read the book.

Call about the chickens any old time.