Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bathrooms and Me

So we are having my brother, his bride, and new baby (my Godson) down for a few days-so of course we are frantically cleaning (because you know, one only cleans when company is coming). I am always insistent that we don't start "projects" the week before visitors. But sometimes they just happen....

Yesterday I drew the upstairs shower (to clean). Without getting to graphic, apparently I cleaned to well, because by the time I was done, all the caulking was gone. Further, I discovered that the shower door wasn't closing all the way at the bottom-thus water has been leaving the shower at an alarming rate. Taking up the mat outside the shower, I notice that the tile is buckled. So I take up a few tiles and find WET underneath.

I should never even enter a bathroom: either plumbing or floor repair is bound to happen.

Fortunately the door was easy to fix. The caulking is redone. I have fan going on to accelerate the subfloor drying. AND I found some extra tiles of the same design in the garage. So everything should be put back together before brother arrives.



Anonymous said...

But how about the roof,dishwasher,pens,yard,counters, toilets, sinks,floors,stairs and an extra room?

JCurley said...

Methinks this comment is from Mrs. Curley!!!! Just have patience my dear.