Thursday, May 18, 2006


I haven't done much linking to other blogs recently. I think it is partially because I am realizing that more people already read them than they do me-so the link becomes circular? But there is some good stuff out there at the usual suspects, (see my sidebar).

We had a May Crowning and pizza party for the last night of CCD yesterday. Our pastor took 5 minutes to urge the children to develop their prayer life.


Have you ever noticed that it is just when your heart is starting to be heavily burdened with sorrow at a loss that God lifts you with joy? One example: this happened when my Dad died, which was sudden and unexpected. I loved him and missed him right away-and yet joy filled my heart because I knew he had been faithful to God and I knew how much I had been blessed by having him as my father. The joy overcame the grief...


Heather said...

This was really beautiful. I enjoy reading your blog and have discussed it on occasion with my husband.

JCurley said...

Thanks for your kind words. I do believe I have visited your blog on several occasions-directed there intially because you too have a connection to JCU.

Thanks for stopping by.