Monday, May 22, 2006

Joy revisited...

On Thursday last, I posted a quick thought about joy-how it is often when our heart is burdened in sorrow, God shows us the joy that should replace our sorrow. I used the example of my Dad's passing (may his soul rest in peace.) However, it was an impending announcement which brought this thought to mind last week.

This weekend our beloved pastor, Fr. John O'Holohan SJ announced he was being transfered to another parish by summers' end. So I grieve at our loss-but rejoice in how God has abundantly blessed St. Catherine's parish and the Curley's personally in these past few years with Fr. John's presence in our midst.

We are not sending him off yet-he still has a month or two with us-but may God bless Fr. O'Holohan in his new parish and bless St. Catherine's with another good and holy priest!

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