Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Father's Day...(advertisement-sorry)

Father's day is coming up.... sometime in the near future (I am really bad with these Hallmark holidays-we don't really celebrate them much here-but if you do, have I got a deal....)

A great present you can get any Dad on Father's Day is a subscription to Catholic Men's Quarterly (CMQ). [You can get it at the CMQ website (see previous link) or order through RequiemPress - although you can't get it at our website, only by mail or phone order.] Here's the blurb:

CMQ fills a gap in the world of Catholic publishing. Among all the excellent and not-so-excellent journals available, not one (so far as we know) is a general interest men’s magazine. CMQ makes an ideal Father’s Day gift for Catholic Men of all ages.

Catholic Men’s Quarterly, a one-of-a-kind general interest men’s magazine written by Catholic men for Catholic men. 48 pages every quarter devoted to defending the Faith against unjust attack, clear and concise explanation of Catholic doctrine, and stories of heroic and saintly Catholics, CMQ is distinguished by its aggressive and humorous tone and the inclusion of other content of interest to men: sports, humor, travel, military history, etc. Whether you are practicing or lapsed, devout or disaffected, this is the magazine for you. So give us a try and treat yourself (or someone you love) to the magazine for Catholic men, the Catholic Men’s Quarterly.

Browsing through the latest issue I read the likes of Charles Coulombe, Michael Greaney, Mitchell Kalpakgian, J.M. McCarthy, John Zmirak, and other great Catholic writers of our time.

1 Year US: $20 / 1 Year Canada: $25 / 1-Year rest of the World: $33

[Another good gift-if you need more than one-would be Giving Up Stealing ... for Lent! - see the sidebar ]

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