Friday, April 07, 2006

I love a good joke and a good mystery

Some may say I don''t laugh alot, but I do chuckle alot. That is not to say I can't laugh heartily, I can and will when the great laugh is called for. I am just a bit reserved-or let us say, selective.

But I do like clever jokes-even ones gone bad.

For example several years ago Mrs. Curley received, for Christmas one of those "... for Dummies" books. (I can't recall which one.) It was supposed to be a joke, and it was supposed to look like it came from me! [The present didn't come in the mail, but came in a box with other presents from family. It was supposed I would open the box and spread the presents out before Christmas morning-thus the origin of this particular one would point to me and not to some other family member.] It backfired because we didn't open the box for several days after Christmas and thus it was clear the present originated elsewhere.

In subsequent years Mrs. Curley received several other "Dummies" books-originating from different locations around the USA. We never found out exactly who was behind them. I have learned a couple of siblings who assisted-but their lips are sealed. This Christmas, I received "Catholicism for Dummies" - the joke revived after a few years of sleeping.

Recently Mrs. Curley and I have been the recipient of another prank or joke of a sort of similar nature. I won't reveal its particulars at this time, but just to say, it is cute and clever and appreciated. I tip my hat to the mastermind(s).

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