Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Catching up...

Forgot to mention that we had the first fruits (that is vegetables) from our garden the other night: spinach. I guess you have to grow it early here because it does not like the heat. Mrs. Curley's spinach is looking very good and tasting good also. I believe some of the radishes are ready to pick also.

There is something very unique in the air this time of year in our area: manure. Everywhere where farmers are planting you can smell the manure in the air. Since we are surrounded on two sides by corn fields, it is very noticeable and a sure sign that Spring is here in full force.

Our planting is only beginning. The garden should be more productive this year. Last year went well (some things worked, others not so well...), but our plants weren't as full and bountiful as others. We will be adding our own compost this year and we have rabbit manure. And a portion of the garden was fertilzied and turned by the chickens in our 'chicken tractor'. We will see how this turns out. I am looking forward the summer crop.

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Tracy Fennell said...

This reminded me of when I was hauling about ten bags of composted manure in the back of the Explorer...kept thinking something was burning on the car...then finally remembered the manure. It smelled a bit like burning rubber.