Friday, February 03, 2006

Feast of St. Blaise

As a child at St. Catherine of Sienna school in Norwood, MA the priests would go from classroom to classroom on the feast of St. Blaise blessing throats. They only came around for two occasions as I recall: to distribute report cards and on the feast of St. Blaise. For some reason it took me several years to get over my fear of having my throat blessed. I had this impression every year that the candles would be lit when placed around my throat, the priest would slip and I would be burnt. You would think that after the first year I would notice that the candles weren't lit. But the fear came back every year until at least the 4th grade.

Didn't get to Mass this morning (or the past two days for that matter) we still have the stomache thing going around in full force. We do have a couple partial recoveries, but some of the kids are in bad shape-keeping Mrs. Curley and I up at all hours with buckets and towels and changing sheets, etc. Finally we laid out the worst of them on the living room floor on sleeping bags, each with their own bucket. This centralizes the clean-up area. Enought about that....

Have been excerpted the past two days a little bit of John Meehan's "Two Towers" over at my other blog - where he discusses the circumstances surrounding the founding of Magdalen College in Warner, NH. Interesting reading....(and the book is 1/2 price when you buy Russell Shaw's "Catholic Laity in the Mission of the Church" at RequiemPress.)

That's it for now-from Bethany, the small holding in Bethune...Oremus pro invicem!

St. Blaise, ora pro nobis!

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