Friday, December 30, 2005

It seems like a long time since my last post. I have read a few other blogs briefly this week, but really haven't been at the computer much. RequiemPress was 'half' open for business-we answered the phone most of the time and shipped orders, but did no editorial work. Instead we visited with friends, sang songs, went walking, worked on Christmas presents in the shop which weren't finished by the 25th (but that doesn't matter as Christmas is longer than a day...) and other fun things.

Christmas Eve

Besides the cleaning, cooking, wrapping etc. we also did our first rabbit mating on Christmas Eve, so if all goes as planned, we should have little rabbits by January 26th and be eating same by the end of February/early March.

The kids, from bottom to top, made the desserts for Christmas: Gingerbread men, chocolate chip cookies, magic squares, and applie pie.

In the evening we caroled outside the Bethune 'Dollar General' store. (The DG is the only game in town besides the Hardware and Feed stores. My kids think of DG as the ultimate shopping experience.) It was fun. It was different from last year. Last year a couple folks joined us for a few songs. This year there were smiles and waves, but no joiners.

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we got up, sang "Happy Birthday" to baby Jesus, and then got ready for the 10:00 AM Mass at St. Catherine's. Fr. John O'Holohan was short with the homily as he had a touch of laryngitits, (I remember Fr. Lane who was pastor at the parish of my youth in Massachusetts would give us "bonuses" on Christmas and Easter-no homily).

We got home from Mass around noon and ate breakfast. (Mrs. Curley and I had mimosas during breakfast prep.) Then we opened presents for a while, but didn't open everything. After all, Christmas is a season. (See this interesting post on the topic). Then we relaxed with some tea (I had Instant Postum-Thanks Mom!) while the turkey finished cooking.

It was wonderful day. (Even the dogs got some treats: turkey skin and liver etc.)

Santas Shop

My plan (announced somewhere below) to make a couple lap desks fell through. I ran out of time and knew I wouldn't come close to completing them, so made some simpler gifts. One son got a wooden rifle. Two sons and a daughter got walking sticks. One daughter got (well-it is still getting the final touches) a decorative box with initial inlaid. I may put a music movement in it as I have some laying around from years ago. I will post a picture of this last someday-don't hold your breath. Mrs. Curley's present is in very early stages-but I still have a few days to complete it, so I still won't spill the beans.

I have some interesting and exciting announcements about RequiemPress to post either here or at my other blog, (or both) sometime around the Epiphany. So stay tuned.

I hope you all are having a joyful and peaceful Christmas! From Bethany, the small holding in Bethune...Oremus pro invicem!

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