Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Book Lists...

TS O'Rama notes that National Review has its Book List (Christmas gift suggestion list, I guess) up. I note sorrowfully that none of RequiemPress' books are on that list. Nonetheless, they make great gifts...

Running the risk of being written about unfavorably for hawking my wares via my blog by J.V. Last, we fearlessly go ahead -(we do need to eat occasionally)- so here are some quick ideas:

"Witnesses to the Holy Mass and other sermons" - for someone who may be spiritually motivated by accounts of martyrdom and exhortations to holiness (or generally enjoys history);

"The Maccabees-Forgotten Heroes of Israel" - for a high schoolers to adult, especially male, who may be afraid to pick up the bible but would love a rip-roaring adventure about God's warriors;

"Shalom-2000" - a simple prayerbook-great stocking stuffer (goes on discount today some time);

"Two Towers-the de-Christianizaiton of America and a Plan for Renewal"- for anyone confused about the 'American Catholic Church' and the 2nd Vatican Council (the book may also provide an insight into Pope Benedict XVI's vision)-go down to this post below and see what one of our readers says about this book);

and... "Catholic Laity in the Mission of the Church"-for anyone interested in what Vatican II really intended by the "special vocation of the laity" and why the council fathers were compelled to address it. This is also a great book for anyone discerning a vocation (religious or lay). Chapter 7 is one of the best short essays on discerning vocations I have read. An easy read-Russell Shaw has a conversational tone. Mark Shea says about this book, "Russell Shaw shows us how to recover our sanity and live out the awesome vocation of the lay saint that the world so desperately needs.”

Okay, there is my plug. (You can get most of these at Amazon.com or of course, even better, at our site). I am well aware that Bethune Catholic does not have enough readers to sustain Requiem Press by heeding my exhortations to buy our books. And you readers have already done your part-truly keeping us afloat in September-October by your purchases. That being said, I believe the books we publish are good books which should be read, so you can't go wrong giving them as gifts.

By the way, all this talk of gifts is at least somewhat appropriate as this is feast of St. Nicholas-(my oldest son's name saint).

Finally, tonight (one final plug) John Meehan will be signing his newest book, "Two Towers: the de-Christianization of America and a Plan for Renewal" on tonight at 7:00 PM (refreshments are at 6:30, followed by talk and booksigning) in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church parish hall (Louden Road, Concord, NH). If you are in that area, stop by.

Thanks for your patience.

From Bethany, the small holding in Bethune...Oremus pro invicem!

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