Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy All Saints Day! - quick notes

Am taking at least a half-day off today. After 9:00 AM Mass, we have brunch and All Saints Day celebration at St. Catherine's. The Curley's will be contributing a St. Columba, St. Alban, St. Bernadette, Saint Francis of Assisi, and two saints I haven't guessed yet. Three of the Curley "saints" of are monks or friars, and those three boys convinced me last night to give them a temporary tonsure to make their costumes more realistic. (Pictures will follow...)

Interesting that Jeff blogs here about the 'youth culture' and the Church. Amy Welborn comes back from a youth conference in Atlanta and blogs here and here and asks:

"In short, my questions about the current state of youth ministry can be reduced to one: I am not convinced that most current (read, for the past two decades) trends in Catholic youth ministry have the net effect of rooting young people in a faith that will take them through to mature Catholic faith. It is all very much about pandering to the Teen Moment, and frankly, the Teen Moment passes pretty quickly - usually by the end of the first semester of college. And, ironically, some of the most solid teens, faith-wise, are extremely skeptical of the Teen Moment from the get-go, and are turned off by it. This is not about music, activities, etc...it's about something deeper. In fact, it's not about what's there, but about what's missing. Which is, in short, an explicit connection to the bigger, wider deeper Church that is 2000 years old, wise, rich and is the Body of Christ, for them, right now."

Finally, Requiem Press' newest release-"Catholic Laity in the Mission of the Church" by Russell Shaw is available today for order. Chapter 7 is one of the best guides I have read on how to discern a vocation. (And remember our special offer on prayer books for the holy souls in purgatory expires tomorrow. This will be the last plug. We certainly appreciate those who bought some of these. It helped the Curley's through an extremely tight month, and more importantly, I'm sure will help some souls get to Heaven more quickly to celebrate this glorious feast day!)

From Bethany, joyous on this feast day of all the saints in Heaven....Oremus pro invicem!


sattelitejunky said...
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TS said...

Anything that Jeff Culbreath and Amy Welborn agree on HAS to be true! :) Not saying they are opposites but they aren't always on the same page like they are in this instance.

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