Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Random Thoughts....

Sunday we went up to the creek where we usually go fishing - but this time the kids went rock-sliding down some shallow falls. There were a couple of scrapes and one son got 7 fire-ant bites. This is not trivial with us, as one of the boys was hospitalized overnight a few years ago due to his allergic reaction to a single fire ant bite. Fortunately this time there is a swollen foot, but no breathing problems.


On my drive to Philiadelphia last week I caught two installments of Dr. Dobson discussing (with guests) intelligent design. It is funny that this is treated as something 'new'. I remarked to my brother-in-law (Christendom graduate and teacher of high school Theology) that Thomas Aquinas used 'intelligent design' as one of the proofs of the existence of God. He one-upped me with reference to St. Paul in Romans 2: 19-20. On the way home I heard Dr. Michael Bethe (sp?) briefly debate an 'anti-intelligent design' scientist on some radio station (it may have been NPR). Dr. Bethe was given a fair shot to discuss his views. It is interesting how things tie together sometimes. I have been reading Newman's 'Idea of a University' - where the point is made that if any of the fields of science are eliminated from education then another field(s) will fill the gap - but by overstepping its bounds. (Prime example: when religion steps into science to say that the sun must revolve around the earth, not based on scientific observation, but on the philosophical principle that since we are God's highest creation we must therefore be the center of the universe). Since the science of the Theology (and much philosophy for that matter) has been eliminated from our public schools - the cause of true education there is already lost; a new religion is taught based on secular humanism. Unfortunately many Catholic schools treat the fields of science as if they have no relation to each other - and again, the cause of true education is lost.


We had a chaplain for our Men's Prayer Group who used to say, "Your life isn't about you - it is about God." I bring this up only because I see this very thought mentioned at Destination Order, (scroll down to 7 August). It is worth contemplating.


Going on two weeks, my computer system is still down. I have a back-up which allows me to blog (I know you all thank your lucky stars for that) and to check email and to do some rudimentary word processing. But the back-up doesn't have MSOffice installed and probably can't handle my layout programs like Pagemaker. It is slow as it is, so I don't want to burden it with more software. One problem with living so far into the country - but relying so much on city techonology to earn a living - is that a system breakdown like we are experiencing takes on more complicated proportions. It is crucial I get this thing running properly as soon as possible. They are shipping a new motherboard (2nd time), cpu, and cpu fan sometime this week. A technician will follow. (I can't touch the unit without voiding the warranty.).

This down time should allow me to accomplish some other chores: maybe I'll get started on the long overdue new chicken house. Our new chickens are quickly outgrowing their current digs. And I should get started on rabbit houses as we should be getting a call on those any day now. Another fishing expedition seems warranted also. This week could be quite fun...

From Bethany, the small holding in Bethune on this feast of St. Lawrence, deacon and martyr, (Mrs. Curley's name-saint)...

Oremus pro invicem!

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