Friday, July 15, 2005

I have had much to say - but little time to say it recently. But let me try to catch up a little.

I had gotten into the habit of walking/running our (first) dog, Challenger, of the chicken slaughter fame, between the cornfields and pine forests behind our property last fall/winter. But somehow, the habit had died. Both he and I got somwhat out of shape. In the past week I have started taking Challenger in the cool mornings - (this possible now that Mass is usually not in the morning for us while Fr. John is away). If I am not out there by 7:30 he calls for me.

Our little chickens which arrives a few weeks ago are not so little any more. They have a little house, but the time is quickly approaching when I need to get the new hen house built. We don't yet know the breakdown (male/female), but should know in a few weeks more.

We are still getting zuccini, and we have started to get cucumbers. We should start eating tomatoes soon (I think we have had one so far.) The cantaloupe plants look healthy, but not a fruit to be found. We had one or two green peppers - then no more, (which is no great loss in my mind, but I am in the minority here on that count). The green beans are about done. We have had few small carrots, but the bulk will be ready fairly soon. We also have lots of sunflowers scattered about. The herbs, especially the mint and basil have come along nicely. Mrs. Curley is looking to start planting the fall crop - which will be more carrotts, radishes, brocolli, and I'm sure a few other things. Mrs. Curley is regretting not having a bigger garden this year, but I am sure she will make up for it next year.

We have started a 'new' practice, which needs some fine-tuning, but which is also coming along. Each month we are picking one feast to have associated readings, skits, songs, etc. prepared. In June we had picked the feast of St. Thomas More and John Fisher. The boys sang an English pub song. My oldest daughter and I did a 'skit' where we acting the writing of a couple of the letters between Margaret Roper and her father Thomas More while he was in the Tower awaiting martyrdom. One daughter read a section of the life of Thomas More. Mrs. Curley and I acted out the meeting between Thomas More and his wife in the Tower. Overall it was a great success. Last evening we did the same for the feast of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha. It wasn't quite so successful as we didn't spend as much time preparing.

Finally, the Requiem Press experiment is still on its feet - but if you get the chance, don't be afraid to buy some good Catholic books here to stabilize the tottering structure.

From Bethany, the small holding in Bethune...

Oremus pro invicem!

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