Monday, July 11, 2005

I have been in Manassas, VA for the Catholic Family Expo the latter part of last week. I stayed at my sister's in McLean and was blogging from there. We arrived home late yesterday. It was a wonderful homecoming - especially as our neighbor had dropped off a load of his just-harvested sweet corn. Oh my - what a taste! We are wondering if we could ever buy vegetables at a grocery store again.

The Catholic Family Expo is the NACHE annual homeschooling conference. We went up to publicize Requiem Press and to sell a few books. I did meet someone there who actually reads this blog - and enjoyed conversations with her and others.

I also spent some time speaking with ARX publishing - who were also representing/distributing Catholic Men's Quarterly.

Speaking of Catholic Men's Quarterly, you might want to check out their Spring/Summer issue. It has some reflections on Benedict XVI, John Paul II, and interestingly enough and article by your friendly Bethune Catholic blogger concerning the Maccabees, Catholic warriors, and Catholic martyrs.

Our pastor, Fr. John O'Holohan SJ is on vacation in Ireland for the month. Unfortunately this means daily Mass must be found elsewhere. We will probably be heading up to St. Peter's in Cheraw as often as possible.

Finally, I hope to post a couple pictures from the "fare-thee-well" party (see this post) we held for my oldest daughter a couple weeks ago. While she is sticking around til the end of the summer - we wanted to do this before the real heat set. We made it by a couple days.

From "Bethany", the small holding in Bethune ...

Oremus pro invicem!

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