Friday, June 24, 2005

Somthing is wrong...scroll down

Further Update: Thanks to Fr. Dowd at Waiting in Joyful Hope you can see that the problem is fixed. As you can see in the comments below - you must add

div { clear: none !important; }

to the css portion of your template. Thanks very much.

I will try to bring back the links - with some additions later this week.

Update: The only way I could make this better was to delete most of the links. I will restore them (I need to add some anyway) when I figure this out. But is something I can't afford to spend time on.

This morning, I came to BethuneCatholic and somethings wrong. There is this huge space between Wednesday's heading and the post. It almost looks like there is nothing there at all. I have no idea what happened or how to fix it. My first effort is to post this and see if just by putting a new post up, the problem will be fixed.


GFvonB said...

Have you tried editing the html and getting rid of all the empty paragraphs that blogger likes to throw in there?

JCurley said...

Yes I tried that. I note that it only occurs on the first post on the page. The post won't appear until after the sidebar links/archive. I haven't changed the template and from looking at the code, I can't see where I should to fix this problem. I'm just not skilled enough.


TheresaMF said...

Fr. Dowd explains it here but doesn't have a solution.

JCurley said...

TheresaMF-Thanks for the heads-up. I'm sure this will be a help.

Father Tom said...

The reason deleting the links worked is because the new code is <div style="clear:both;">. This is a CSS style that causes the text contained in the <div> tag to only start AFTER is has cleared the bottom of any floating blocks of text. So when you deleted the links the sidebar column was shortened, moving the text of the main column up the page. If you'll notice, your main text now starts at a horizontal level where the sidebar column leaves off.

The real puzzle is why Blogger is now adding this new code in, when it is not part of the template. The problem seems to originate with the behaviour of the <$BlogItemBody$> template tag, the behaviour of which is completely regulated within Blogger itself. They must have changed something on their end that handles how that tag is interpreted by the publishing engine, and we are paying the price.

Father Tom said...

Try adding this code to your CSS content:

div { clear:none !important; }

It should override the 'clear' function that the mystery tags are inserting.

Thanks to Rebecca of Doxology for the tip!