Monday, June 06, 2005

Are you a church?...

Today is my oldest son's 12th birthday. All nine of us got up early to drive the 35 miles to St. Catherine's for Mass. About one mile after the last Gas station for some 15-20 miles, the car just died. We pulled over. I did the usual checks with nothing obvious jumping out at me. So we all got out and started hoofing it back to that last filling station.

When we arrived at the filling station, I waited for the stragglers to catch up - so we could all enter together. I told cashier our predicament and she handed me the phone book. As I looked through the book for the number of our usual garage, she asked, "Are you a church?"

She exclaimed surprise upon hearing my reply: "No, we're just a family...."

Still awaiting the diagnosis and the damage from our small holding in Bethune,

Oremus pro invicem!


Franklin Jennings said...

Some people are suprised when they see a man with a full quiver of arrows when most today have two arrows. Three at the most.

JCurley said...

Mr. Jennings - expressions of surprise (or outrage for that matter) at the size our family are nothing new. I myself have 11 brothers and sisters. Mrs. Curley and I have been blessed tremendously by God with our 7 children. We have been accused of being many things - but never before of being our own church.

Thanks for the comment.