Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Guns, swords, and boys...

I mentioned in a post past that the Curley's were going to do a 'craft show/flea market' this past weekend at the Camden, SC Revolutionary War Park. Twice a year they have this "Farmers Market" as a fundraiser. The Park gets the concessions and charges a fee for each table.

We made a couple dozen wooden pistols (selling for $4/each) and one wooden rifle out of a 2x4. We also had a table of yard-sale junk to sell. Finally I had a few of Requiem Press' books just in case a stray Catholic wandered by.

Expectations were much greater than reality. The junk sold very well. The toy guns? Not a single gun sold.

It was an interesting day. One couple came by with their grandson who was about 5. They would have bought him anything he wanted. Amazingly they tried to push a wooden pistol on him, but he showed no interest. But this was by far the exception. Most parents saw what we were selling and immediately steered their sons to the booth across from us where they were selling jewelry and scarves. (This is unexpected in South Carolina).

I am aware that many of people discourage guns and swords as toys. (Of course they outlaw violence in their house, but have no such concern for pre-marital sex.)

I certainly understand the New Covenant law - 'turn the other cheek' - but this does not demand pacificism. It is virtuous to defend others - especially the weaker in society. How is a boy to learn to defend the weak if he is not allowed to practice. (Of course if you notice that your son always wants to play the villian, perhaps you should take a closer look at the situation.) The professions of police officer and soldier are honorable.

It is telling that so many object to their boys practicing this protection of the weak. Perhaps that is why as a society we do not protect our weakest members - the unborn and those like Terri Schaivo?

From the small holding in Bethune ...

Oremus pro invicem!

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