Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Communion on the Tongue & Government

The Return Curve has an interesting commentary on receiving Communion on the tongue today - here. It has been my recent experience that the seminaries have not been teaching young priests how to distribute Holy Communion on the tongue. When I receive from a young priest, it always seems to be an adventure. One young priest I know simply tries to toss the Blessed Sacrament into the communicant's mouth.

Another good post from The Return Curve just below the first on government, today and in the middle ages. It is of particular interest to me right now because I just finished editing our newest release which touches on this subject by Rev. Bede Jarrett ("Relation of Church and State in the Middle Ages" - see Requiem Press). In it, St. Augustine is quoted saying: "The desire to be master of your fellow man is intolerable pride, for men are by nature equal." and "Hence, good men are known rather as shepards of the flock than as kings of men". (City of God).

The conclusion of early Christian thought seems to be (according to Bede Jarrett) that "Had he (man) not sinned, he might still have needed government to develop is bene esse (well being); he needs it now however to secure even his esse (being)."

From the small holding in Bethune...

Oremus pro invicem!

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