Tuesday, March 29, 2005

If you haven't noticed, I have added a few more links on the sidebar in the past week or so. The newest is Hallowed Ground formerly of El Camino Real. We really look forward to reading this new offering. The Culbreath's, like the Curley's have recently moved to the country.

The Curley's have found that life is busier as we run our own business, take care of chickens and dogs, plant big gardens, and still homeschool, and try to keep house. We are carefully trying to decide on the next animal. We were going to get goats - especially for the milk, but now we are rethinking this (milking 2X per day, on schedule - may be too much to ask of us right now). Possibly we should get some low maintenance - high yield animals (rabbits?) until we fully adjust to the new life.

I may have mentioned when our daughter was home for a short visit from Christendom College a couple weekends ago, that she commented just before leaving that she had been busier and more tired after 3 days at home than she ever had been at college. Remembering my college days, that is quite a feat. (She did not come home for Easter - this was our first year not all together.)

From the small holding in Bethune...

Oremus pro invicem!

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