Wednesday, March 09, 2005


A couple of weeks ago when Fr. John was on retreat for several days, we decided to go up to St. Peter's in Cheraw for daily Mass. St. Peter's is the oldest Catholic church (building) in South Carolina. It is about 35 miles from us, (as is our parish, St. Catherine's). We had never been to St. Peter's - we were in for a delightful surprise.

Fr. Francis Obong is the paster and also in charge of two mission parishes. Fr. Obong is from Nigeria and a credit to the diocese of Charleston. He is full of joy. He tells us about sin and the effects of our sins - yet he also tells us about God's mercy.

Since, geographically, I doubt any parish can lay claim to us (we have about 4 parishes, each about 35 miles away from us), I would love be in St. Peter's parish (especially as they have a 7:30 AM Mass on Sunday) - except for the fact that we are also very blessed at St. Catherine's, with a wonderful pastor and community.

More from Maria von Trapp:

"You know what I really miss?" he (Captain) said to me. "Catholics don't read the Bible as much as Protestants do. I wish my children would get thoroughly aquainted with Holy Scriptures." (My husband had joined the Church only a year before I had come into the family). "Let's start with the New Testament and read it every evening until Easter." .... It turned out to be a beautiful six weeks. The reading of the Gospels togther proved to be wonderful. It proved to be the Book of Books, the only one in the whole world to which a four-year-old girl would listen with enraptured interest, while all the philosophers are not yet able to get to the bottom of its divine wisdom."

From the small holding in Bethune....

Oremus pro invicem!

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