Thursday, February 24, 2005

"Pro Multis"

There is an interesting debate in the 'Letters' section of this month's Catholic World Report regarding the proper translation of 'pro multis' (i.e. 'for many', 'for the many', or 'for all') used during the Mass. I am in no way a scholar in Greek or Latin, so I will not venture an opinion in that regard.

I recall reading (I think on the EWTN expert forum) a priest commenting that while the translation of pro multis used in the Novus Ordo (for all) is unfortunate, it is not so serious. I believe his reasoning was something like: Christ died for all of mankind; but only many will take advantage of His sacrifice, and only many will come to the Eucharistic feast.

This same path of reasoning is also mentioned in the CWR exchange of letters.

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