Saturday, December 04, 2004

Deers and Cars

Update: Mrs. Curley returned to the scene of the collision this morning and it appears the buck may have been a doe - opinions vary on the subject. It also appears Mrs. Curley dragged the deer several hundred feet before it dislodged from the car (in pieces).

Mrs. Curley hit a buck last night on the way home from the Christmas play rehearsal which some of the clan is performing in. Everyone was allright - except the car. It hobbled home. The light of day will show how bad the damage is.

Of course the boys wanted Mrs. Curley to stop and salvage the antlers off the deer before driving home. She declined the opportunity.

We live in farm country, and all but the last 2 miles into Lancaster, SC (St. Catherine's) is very rural. September thru November this year I usually saw deer about 3 times a week on my morning journey. At night these roads (55 mph) are pitch black and a deer leaping out is a constant threat. (Now I know why my car insurance increased when we made the move.)

From the small holding in Bethune...

Oremus pro invicem!

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Anonymous said...

I am sure the deer hit Mrs. Curley! Being the safe driver any mother would be. Thanks for your Blog.