Friday, November 05, 2004

Advance Copies are Here!

I have found it very exciting when that box comes with advance copies of the latest book. The anticipation and the sense of accomplishment are both heightened. Well, it came today - and they look good. I was worried a bit because we had a last minute problem at the printer with the cover.

My good friend Kris Merschat did the cover on "The Maccabees - Forgotten Heroes of Israel" He is a sculptor and painter, but mostly he is a Catholic. You can see his other work on his website here.

Of course you can see the work he did for me here.

Kris and I go for coffee once a week after Morning Prayer and Mass with a group of men at St. Joseph's. He is an occupational therapist by trade, but his vocation and heart is in art. Go here and see his Mother Teresa. He has captured her soul like I have not seen in other sculptures and statues of her.

From the small holding in Bethune ...

Oremus pro invicem!

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